b Solitaire | Glass, Bulthaup
b Solitaire | Wood, Bulthaup
Avio | wine, Knoll International SpA
Florence Knoll Table, Knoll International SpA
Fugu Lounge Chair with armrests, Maruni
The Canvas Chair, Fredericia Furniture A/S
Florence Easy Chair, Montis
Corker Stool nr. 2, ClassiCon
Plato Desk | with tray, Pastoe
Clothes Stand | black, Thut Möbel AG
Clothes Stand | natural, Thut Möbel AG
Tio Easy Chair, Massproductions
Panton Chair | white, Vitra
Eames Plastic Armchair | DAR, Vitra
Egg™ | green, Fritz Hansen A/S
Egg™ | black, Fritz Hansen A/S
Landscape | blue, Pastoe
Landscape | wood, Pastoe
Vision Cabinet De Stijl, Pastoe
Loop, Ingo Maurer GmbH
Skip, Mox AG
Zett Usb | alu, Baltensweiler
Climber f, Trippen
Pike f, Trippen
Combine f, Trippen
606 Universal Shelving System, De Padova
Hiroshima Stool | Mid, Maruni
Thinner Table, Karl Andersson & Söner
PK24™ | midollino, Fritz Hansen A/S
Grand Prix™ | walnut, Fritz Hansen A/S
Nap™ | con braccioli, Fritz Hansen A/S
Stack | 8 drawer, Established & Sons
Zehn | asymmetric, E15
Enoki | marble, E15
Notos Standing Desk | grey, ClassiCon
Chaos Chair | black, ClassiCon
One by One | sospensione, Belux
One by One | piantana, Belux
Drop™ | imbottita, Fritz Hansen A/S
Borek Sipek | Babal, Driade
Borek Sipek | Florian II, Driade
Rin™, Fritz Hansen A/S
Tools | Vassoio, Iittala
Screw Table, Tom Dixon
Sedia A
Doctor Sonderbar, XO
A Chair perforated, Tolix®
PK11™, Fritz Hansen A/S
Lodelei, Nils Holger Moormann Möbel GmbH
Imprint Table, Lammhults Möbel AB
Ringelpiez, Ingo Maurer GmbH
Portacandela, Iittala
Bestlite | BL3S floor lamp, Gubi
Bestlite | BL2 table lamp, Gubi
Diva, Glas Italia
Cumulus, Francoise Pendville
Perspective, Established & Sons
PoPuP, Davide Groppi
CH58, Carl Hansen & Søn
CH445 | Wing Chair, Carl Hansen & Søn
Lampada C, Belux